Im at 40k HPS. Do i win?

Im at 40k HPS cause i stood in fire and healed through this shit. Do i win? Unfortunately yes, you do, but in a false way.

Hps / healing done bar is far from being a good determinant of what makes a good healer. It’s because it’s a simple statistical number that doesn’t contain information about how stable and steady your healing was. It doesn’t inform you whether you kept your eye on the tank throughout the whole fight or just was like “fuck that im eating pizza” at the end (and the tank died ofcourse). It doesn’t even say if you’re casting proper spells either. It’s just a number that informs at the very most if somebody has been doing his job or was doing nothing. Not much more rather than that.

Why do people think hps is important? Because sadly recount and skada doesn’t measure anything apart from healing done, and it just seems easy and appropriate to take a look at the tinydps/skada and figure out if someone is doing his job correctly. And i can’t blame people for not having enough brains to understand that. Or can I…?

There are crushing tons of factors that affect the performance of your class/spec. For instance – the classes (not homogenized at all; Don’t you think blizzard did good job on this one?) which i will explain later on. The other factor that was glowing before my eyes was the positioning of the raid. How is a shaman supposed to pump out same numbers on a fight where everyone stands in one place as on the fight where everyone is spread out all the time? He just cant spam chain heal/healing rain to provide maximum healing output as he should. Restoration druids perform in both situations well thanks to one-click no-brainer called Wild Growth. Another factor is your gear. Not in the terms of throughput ofcourse but mana. You can’t spam as much as you would when you are OOM quicker than your friends. I could go on but that would be pointless because if you didn’t understand this part there is probably no hope for you and you’re either devoid of wisdom or you’re a hater.

I just wish skada measured how steady your healing was and how many pre casts you did on tank and compare that including your class and role. It’s funny to see some resto druids/shamen yell at other classes which perform worse on AoE pulsing damage fights because they did less healing. Blizzard’s latest class balance policy was to provide each class tools to perform either tank or raid healing. This however never happened. That’s why Restoration druids perform better on some fights and on the other holy paladins will outheal others. But does that mean they are worse or better healers? I leave the answer to your consideration…



Hello priesties (and possibly other classes)

The purpose of the site? I do feel i get very much power just from being intelligently aware of what’s happening around me in the raiding environment that i should share my opinion with as many healing classes as possible.  You will find my personal opinion on what currently happens within the universe of Azeroth in terms of the state of priest healing capabilities. This is from a former restoration shaman point of view.

As of today i play a discipline priest called Puhree on Burning-Legion server located in EU continent.

Here is a topic i threw before i rerolled on the official forums:


Why did i reroll? Simply because the shamen lack the ability to AoE heal when spread out. Why didn’t i choose resto druid instead?

Because i already had a cute level 85 shadow-priestie with many Feats of Strenght and most importantly – a rocket. And they are pretty good at AoE healing too. Whilst common sense and the general opinion is that holy priests are masters of aoe healing is partially true,  in actuality it is a stereotype. Divine Aegis provides so much more proactive healing than Chakra – boosted Prayer of Healing of a holy priest that it is quite silly to say it’s an absolute truth.

Wise words will be spoken, spread the word.

I hope you enjoyed this small introduction.

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